Palermo, the heart of Sicily

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Great, sunny and smiling city. After the dirt and the homeless streets of Naples, Palermo seemed like a Swiss canton.
Significantly cleaner, more beautiful, with much more carefree and smiling people.
Wonderful beach locations are the Mondello neighborhood and the nearby Cefalu resort.

So, our day begins at dawn:

Пристанището на Палермо

The port of Palermo

It is not yet 7 pm and our ferry has arrived. The sun is still showing, and it is already warm and slightly stifled.
Piazza San Domenico Palermo
Piazza San Domenico

Piazza San Domenico

Beautiful square. From it, a popular street, where an open market with fried fish and other delicacies can be found every evening,  – Mercato Vuccaria.
типична улица в Палермо

A typical street in the town

Терасата на апартамента ни в Палермо

The balcony of our apartment in Palermo

We rented a great apartment. It’s called Casa 500G, located in the old Arabian neighborhood. As you can see, there is a huge terrace, half with a shelter, the other without, a wonderful living room, 3 bedrooms and excellent equipment.
Foro Italico Foro Italico 1

Foro Italico

The seafront promenade of Foro Italico. Just 5 minutes from our apartment. Wherever you look – a blue sea and beautiful rocks. There are plenty of comfortable lounges for sunbathing people lined with faience.
Яхтеното пристанище на Палермо

Palermo’s marina

Orto Botanico Palermo Orto Botanico Palermo 1 Orto Botanico Palermo 2 Orto Botanico Palermo 3

Orto Botanico di Palermo

The top 4 photos are from Palermo’s botanical garden. Very beautiful place, providing good shade and coolness in the harsh days.
Piazza Vigliena

Piazza Vigliena

A magical Square in the center. In its 4 corners – 4 identical beautiful buildings with columns and 4 identical fountains.
Piazza Pretoria

Piazza Pretoria

Just meters away from Vigliena, we find anoither beautiful square, this time Pretoria.


Cefalu Cefalu beach Cefalu beach 1 Cefalu 2 Cefalu Cefalu cathedral

Less than an hour by train from Palermo is the popular Cefalu resort. The pictures above are from this fabulous town, combining blue waters, beautiful beaches, ancient streets and an amazing cathedral entwined in the rocks.


Mondello Mondello beach 1 Mondello beach Mondello 1

Half an hour in the opposite direction is the neighborhood and the Mondello beach – the so-called Palermo town beach. The above photos are from Mondello, a very beautiful beach, full of people and yet pleasant for a beachfront.

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