Catania – the Sicilian cuisine and the Etna volcano

Catania amphitheatre

Catania I had been negatively set beforehand and we planned to miss Catania. But … the Italian railways interfered with the repair of the railway line from Siracuse to Catania. Thus, our plans to take the direct night train from Syracuse to Naples collapsed and our last Sicilian day was spent in Catania. For which … Прочети още

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Palermo, the heart of Sicily

Palermo Great, sunny and smiling city. After the dirt and the homeless streets of Naples, Palermo seemed like a Swiss canton. Significantly cleaner, more beautiful, with much more carefree and smiling people. Wonderful beach locations are the Mondello neighborhood and the nearby Cefalu resort. So, our day begins at dawn: The port of Palermo It … Прочети още

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