A journey through Sicily – it all starts in Naples

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I was lucky to be able to make a family trip to Sicily this summer.
A beautiful island with beautiful people – for me it was very interesting both as historical landmarks and as natural beauties, and as an opportunity to get to know the local customs more closely.
I will split the photos I want to show you in 6 parts and will begin as our journey began – the landing of our plane in Naples. Well, it’s not Sicily yet, but I have to start somewhere …

For Naples I can’t say very good words. Honestly, besides the pizza I didn’t see anything else that would make me go back there …
However, my impressions are quite different from the outer surroundings of this big and dirty city. Since we only had 2 days at hand – one at the beginning and one at the end of our journey, we managed to visit only Pompeii, Vesuvius and Naples itself.
The beauties of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Positano we left for another time.

And now, I begin my photo walk:
The ancient city of Herculaneum

Destroyed, in the same way as Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted in year 79. It is located next to the modern town of Ercolano, which is the most convenient starting point to visit the crater of Vesuvius.
по пътя към Везувий

On the way to the Vesuvius crater

Ercolano is about 40 minutes’ bus drive to the crater. The road is very narrow, with bends and beautiful views.
кратерът на Везувий

The Crater of Vesuvius

Гледка към Неапол

View to Naples

A great panorama of all directions is revealed on the crater.


The biggest landmark of Naples 🙂 – the pizza. In this case mine is served with buffalo mozzarella and special yellow tomatoes from the slopes of Vesuvius.

A street in Naples

A typical Neapolitan street – one of the cleaner types that you can see in the center. Those near the station are a complete tragedy.
Galleria Umberto I

Galleria Umberto I

Beautiful indoor gallery with shops in the center of Naples.
Пристанището на Неапол

The port of Naples

View to the port of Naples with a large cruise ship.
Гледка към Везувий

View to Vesuvius

A sight from the coastal street of Naples to Vesuvius


Pompeii 1 Pompeii Pompeii 2 Pompeii 3 Pompeii 4 Pompeii 5 Pompeii 6 Pompeii 7 Pompeii 8 Pompeii 6

 каютата на ферибота

Our cabin on the ferry

Enough Naples, it’s time for Palermo. View from our cabin on the ferry. In front of the ship, with a lot of fogged glass. So much for 270 euros …
A giant cruise ship can be seen through the window. Not that ours is small, it’s 7-storey and very long, but the one behind the glass is … giant.

royal caribbean

Royal Caribbean

Here is the big ship, taken from the deck of our ferry. Impressive … The red tubes behind are a water slide – very cool.

GNV ferry

GNV ferry

One of the dozen saloons on our ferry from Naples to Palermo.

Чайките ни изпращат

Seagulls are parting with us

On our way to Palermo, hundreds of birds are accompanying us.

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