Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples

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Boring town in southern Sicily, on the outskirts of which lies the incredible Valley of the Temples.
It was the Valley of the Temples that was the reason that made us spend one day in this place.
We arrive at Agrigento at noon, the sun can roast a chicken , and the temperatures do not give rise to enthusiasm for great walks.
Agrigento - площада пред гарата

Agrigento – the plaza in front of the train station

It is the city center but there is nobody up and down. Everyone is hiding from the hot sun.
We go back to find the hotel where we will sleep this night – Hotel del Vialle. This is a low-priced, 3-star hotel with a great location, very close to the city center and the bus station from which we will depart early in the morning the next day.
Pititto ristorante, Agrigento

Pititto ristorante, Agrigento

Before we reach the hotel we visit this oasis – chill place with delicious food.
Паста с морски дарове

Seafood paste

We load up with tastes and continue.
We register at the hotel and the weather is getting warmer. At the reception they explain that the Valley of Temples is extremely beautiful, but the park is large and there are no trees and shade in it. So they advise us to go on a night’s visit – a unique temple viewing opportunity that is available in the summer.
We listen to the voice of reason, eat an ice cream and go to bed in the air-conditioned room.

The Valley of the Temples is an archeological park located 2-3 km from the town.
There one can see some of the most remarkable examples of ancient Greek architecture and art.
An interesting fact is that in 2015, Google hires the Valley of Temples for 100,000 euros and runs a large-scale teambuilding in the park.
On an area of ​​1300 hectares there are many temples built before the new era. The possibility of an evening visit to the historic temples is unique – many are beautiful, illuminated in the dark.

Warning: Agrigento public transport is under all criticism. We managed to get lost after 9 pm in a resort village 5-6 kilometers from the city. Luckily, we came across some very polite Sicilians who got us on their car and drove us to the entrance of the Valley of the Temples.
Now, immerse yourself in the magic of the gods:
Долината на боговете, Агридженто Valley of the Temples, Agrigento Valle dei Templi, Agrigento Valle dei Templi Valley of the Temples Valley of the Temples Valley of the Temples 1

Valley of  Temples, Agrigento

A magical place that justifies Agrigento’s visit, although the city is away from our route and requires us to beat off our track and sleeping for one night.
The night’s visit and the walks in the darkness between the sanctuaries of thousands of years are something I recommend to anyone visiting Sicily.

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